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Sheila Moses - Jewelry Designer

Sheila was born and raised in West Palm Beach Florida and educated in Palm Beach County Schools. She became intrigued by women's fashions as a child while watching her mom design and make women's evening gowns on her home sewing machine.

While Sheila continued to keep her eye on fashion, she tested several career opportunities, ultimately landing in the corporate security field. She continued to advance in this area until her retirement in 2012. 

After retiring from the corporate world, Sheila became interested in casual jewelry designs.  Encouraged by her husband, Charles, who purchased a starter jewelry making kit for her, she quickly found jewelry making a satisfying hobby. It allowed her to design and create jewelry not only for herself but also for her family and friends.

She continues to learn new techniques and discover ways to make more complex pieces. She now specializes in jewelry for weddings, birthday gifts, and anniversaries and other special occasions. 

Charles Moses - Artist

Charles was born in West Palm Beach Florida and currently resides in Loxahatchee, Florida.

He was educated in the Palm Beach County school system and achieved a degree in Business Administration from Northwood University.

His love for art began at an early age with his first painting being a bouquet of flowers in a vase for his mom. With her appreciation and encouragement, he continued to paint through middle and high school, earning recognition from his art teachers along the way. Other than that, his art skills are self-taught.

Unable to focus primarily on art as a career, he began his working career in Information Technology (IT) in 1971. This work also took him and his family to the northeast for several years. This northeast experience is evident in his art today, where you will find landscape scenes with fall colors and lighthouses.

After retiring from the corporate world, he renewed his focus on art, experimenting in several subject matter, including landscapes, seascapes, and portraits. He works mainly today with oil on canvas. He loves music and feels comfortable with music playing in the background while creating his works of art.

Charles is currently a member of the Wellington Art Society, located in Wellington Florida and The Cultural Council of PBC, where he continues to learn new techniques and ways to express his art.

He tries to incorporate a theme of "See the Music", in all his work.

When he's not painting, Charles enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling as much as possible.